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By 2020, realtors will have a broader range of opportunities with greater risks and new value drivers on the global market. Real estate is a business with long development cycles. In fact, going from planning phase to the construction phase may take several years in some niche markets. So, if you are looking to grow your real estate business, now is the time to start!

Marketing is a vast field and it can be overwhelming to figure out what applies to the real estate specifically. That is why we disseminated some of the latest research to help you figure out the latest marketing trends that apply to the real estate marketing niche. Here is a link to our whitepaper! We conducted in-depth applied research to identify the trends will shape the real estate industry for the upcoming decade. Here’s what happened:


We did some detailed research about marketing in the digital space and the unique challenges that realtors face. We scoured the literature and came up with a whitepaper that examines challenges, opportunities and solutions for realtors looking to establish a strong brand and lasting thought leadership through the changing digital and generational landscape.


We dove deep into the latest trends that impact the current U.S. real estate market. Our research revealed some unique trends like drone photography, video tours, 3-D matterport cameras that enhance the customer experience. Our research covered academic and marketing books, social & online forums as well as academic journals and trending blogs to gather relevant data and statistics. This allowed us to take a comprehensive view of the factors that impact contemporary real estate marketing.


It comes as no surprise that in 2019, technology plays a big role in boosting real estate marketing. However, realtors may still struggle to come up with creative ideas to utilize the latest technology in their business.


A human touch is still required to build relationships with customers. A humanized approach along with personalized content and visual storytelling can create a powerful system for onboarding real estate clients.

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Check out this whitepaper on “Emerging Challenges and Opportunities in Real Estate

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