ISC West 2024: Unveiling Innovations in Technology

The ISC West 2024 conference took place from 9th April to 12th April at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas. This event focused on aclects access control, alarm monitoring and video surveillance in addition to newer innovative developments. Event speakers and attendees were privy to emerging trends in drones, robotics, cybersecurity, connected IoT and smart homes.

If you are operating in the electronic security sector, we are taking a closer look at the highlights of the ISC West 2024 conference. Plus, we will talk about how security conferences can be used as a platform for networking and staying abreast of developments within the electronic security industry.

What is ISC West?

ISC West stands out as the premier security trade event in the United States, offering attendees unparalleled opportunities to connect with industry professionals, expand their knowledge through the dynamic SIA Education@ISC program, and explore the latest advancements in security technology.

From access control and alarms to video surveillance, drones, IoT security, and smart home solutions, ISC West is the ultimate platform to discover cutting-edge innovations and emerging trends in the security industry. With thousands of security and public safety professionals in attendance, ISC West provides a dynamic environment for networking, learning, and staying ahead of the curve in security technology.

Keynote series: insights in security innovation

Some of the ISC keynote speakers gave an insight into the security and public safety sector. Let us see what these keynote speakers discussed.

Admiral Mike Rogers

Admiral Mike Rogers, former Director of National Security, is a proponent of international policy frameworks as the key to successful cybersecurity efforts. On April 10th, he gave an insight into cyber risks targeting American industries, including energy, telecommunications and technology sectors. Below mentioned are some of the key points he discussed during the ISC West 2024 conference.

  • Understanding cyber risks
  • Technological vulnerabilities of American industry
  • Public-private partnerships
  • National and international policy frameworks

Jeff Stonebreaker

Jeff Stonebreaker, Senior Vice President of safety and security, at Major League Soccer, shared some real-life examples and actionable strategies surrounding security operations. During the live event, Jeff presented a unique case study named “Messi Effect.” which examined the implementation of high-profile events focused on new security measures across various venues.

Here are some of the key points he discussed.

  • Actionable strategies for security operations
  • Significance of data and analytics to enhance operations
  • Improving overall strategic security decisions
  • A proactive approach to ensure the safety and enjoyment of soccer fans

Crystal Washington

Crystal Washington, technology trends expert and also one of the Forbes 50’ Leading Female Futurists, discussed the future of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). On April 12, she discussed some of the important points on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on business productivity in the long term.

Read on to know some of the key points she discussed.

  • Use of cutting-edge technology to drive performance
  • AI best applications and practices, limitations and ethical consideration
  • Integration and AI tools into existing systems
  • How will AI impact different industries in the long term?

Key trends highlighted at ISC 2024

Beyond the anticipated discussions on AI, smart homes and the Internet of Things (IoT), ISC West 2024 underscored the critical role of cybersecurity in safeguarding smart buildings. The event spotlighted the pervasive integration of AI into security systems, from AI powered surveillance to smart door locks, reflecting the industry’s rapid revolution towards intelligent solutions.

Smart objects and the Internet of Things (IoT) were a big topic this year; we saw solutions integrating IoT devices for comprehensive security solutions as well as discussions about what cybersecurity measures should be taken to protect smart buildings.

Robotics is also continuing to have a moment. We saw a lot of innovative work with robotics, including anti-drone technologies, robotic guard dogs and robotics being used to automate repetitive manual actions.

ISC West showcased the impact of AI applications in security, emphasizing its integration into smart homes, IoT, and cybersecurity for smart buildings. The versatility of this newer technology, from smart locks to surveillance systems, captivated attendees, marks a significant trend in security technology.

You might be curious about why an outsourcing firm is talking about the importance of attending conferences like ISC West 2024. For starters, we believe that live event networking helps organizations with competitor analysis – but more importantly fosters valuable industry connections by creating mutually beneficial relationships.

Power of networking at security conferences

If you are a business owner, chief information security officer, security executive, risk management leader, security architect, commercial officer or strategy manager serving in the electronic security industry, attending a security conference can help your organization stay ahead of the market curve enabling them to perform better than their competitors.

Other than competitor analysis, there is another salient advantage that security conferences offer – the ability to build and foster mutually beneficial connections within the industry. Trade events like ISC West, IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy and Global Security Exchange – GSX are a tool to represent your organization and even network with security professionals to explore emerging trends within the security industry.

Security conferences will help your organization explore new brands and will also help in discovering solutions like access control, IT & cybersecurity, autonomous security, and IOT-enabled devices. This section will delve into the key advantages of attending trade events like ISC West 2024.

Discover innovation

Attending security conferences like ISC WEST 2024 can help you discover hundreds of new collaborations and solutions including spanning access control, IT & cybersecurity, autonomous security, IoT-enabled devices and more.

Connect & collaborate

With events like these, you can join over 1,000 exhibiting companies and 28,000 security experts, offering a prime opportunity to connect, share insights, and collaborate with like-minded professionals.

Diverse service categories

This is also a great way to bring back information about diverse categories within the electronic security sector – including detection controls/devices, IT & IoT security, wireless equipment, access control and video surveillance among others.

Who attends a security conference?

Organizations, dealers, and stakeholders keen on security technologies and solutions actively engage during such events, contributing invaluable insights. Their diverse interests and expertise highlight a collective dedication to staying updated on security trends. The following list reflects the broad categories represented, showcasing attendees’ active involvement in the evolving security landscape.

Residential & commercial dealers

If you are looking to network with residential and commercial dealers, they are be attending to explore the latest trends and security systems in both types of properties. Connecting with them can not only help you stay ahead in the competitive market but also foster collaborations and gain valuable industry insights.

System integrators

System integrators will be attending to share their expertise and explore opportunities for collaboration. If you want to connect with professionals who can streamline your technology initiatives and improve your business processes, engaging with system integrators at the event is essential.

End-Users from various vertical markets

They are attending to share their insights and needs, providing valuable feedback that informs the development of innovative security solutions. If you want to connect with end-users who can offer valuable perspectives and drive the evolution of security technologies.

Law enforcement & public safety

Law enforcement and public safety professionals often attend such conferences to stay updated on the latest security technologies and strategies, ensuring they are equipped to effectively serve their communities. Great way to build contacts with law enforcement if you are in the business of electronic security.

Security consultants

Security consultants are attending to share their in-depth knowledge and insights, making them valuable connections for anyone seeking to enhance their security measures. Networking with security consultants will help you learn about strategic advice and solutions tailored to your security needs, engaging with security specifiers and consultants.

A security conference brings together a diverse range of professionals and stakeholders from various sectors, each contributing unique perspectives and expertise to the discussion on security technologies and solutions. For security providers, engaging with attendees such as residential and commercial dealers, system integrators, law enforcement, public safety officials, security specifiers and consultants offer invaluable opportunities.

By learning about innovative practices across different industries, understanding sector-specific security challenges and applying cross-disciplinary best practices, security providers can ensure their services remain cutting-edge and tailored to meet the evolving needs of their clients. Our nearly decade-long experience of being in the electronic security business has given us unique strategic insight into supporting security services companies with outsourcing services such as the ones covered in the next section.

Strategic services for security outsourcing

Did you know? The globe home security solutions was valued at $48.1 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $121.4 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 10.56% from 2021 to 2030. Governments, enterprises, financial institutions, residential property owners and healthcare organizations alike are all expected and required to have a certain level of security and monitoring measures. There are different ways to do this, like using alarms, biometrics, video cameras and smart home systems.

Let us dive right in!

Alarm monitoring

Remote alarm monitoring can promptly alert the authorities to potential threats or intrusions, facilitating swift responses and ensuring safety. With virtual guards monitoring the property round-the-clock – virtual guarding teams can help stop a crime before it happens, ensuring that you can protect your client sites better.

Biometric access

Remote Biometrics offer a dependable means of verifying individual identities, effectively minimizing the chances of unauthorized access – even if you don’t have a physical guard on site. They streamline authentication processes and eliminate the reliance on conventional methods such as passwords or ID cards.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is a powerful deterrent, dissuading potential threats and criminal activities. It enables real-time monitoring for swift responses to security incidents. Furthermore, recorded footage acts as vital evidence for investigations and legal proceedings. This comprehensive system not only enhances security but also ensures that incidents are promptly addressed.

Smart home

When it comes to residential protection, smart home systems provide advanced surveillance features like real-time video monitoring and motion detection, increasing visibility and control over premises. With remote access via smartphones or internet-enabled devices, virtual guards working on your behalf can swiftly respond to potential threats and even inform authorities in case of an active crime scene.

Surveillance systems and alarm monitoring seamlessly integrate with other smart devices such as door locks, lights and alarms, creating a cohesive ecosystem that enhances security and automation for individuals and organizations.

We are nearing the end of this blog – so let’s leave you with a list of upcoming security conferences in 2024.

Upcoming security conferences for 2024

Just in case you have missed a chance to attend the ISC west conference, we have curated a list of some upcoming events that will take place this year.

IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy

May 20 – 22, 2024
Since 1980, the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy has been the premier forum for presenting developments in computer security and electronic privacy, and for bringing together researchers and practitioners in the field.

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

June 03 – 05, 2024

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit brings together experts, thought leaders and innovators to explore the evolving landscape of digital risks and strategies for resilience. Enhance your cybersecurity strategy and vision and gain insights into topics ranging from generative AI, to risk and compliance management, security metrics, cloud security, security governance and policy, data security, vulnerability management and more.

Global Security Exchange – GSX

September 23 – 25, 2024

Collaborate with like-minded security professionals from every sector to solve challenges and raise the standard for security management around the world. At GSX you will not just see advanced security solutions of tomorrow – you will experience them at interactive demos and hands-on displays.

In the meantime….

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See you at the next conference!

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