Records Retrieval

Whether you have low records volumes or high records volumes, we have you covered.

You never have to worry about over-worked teams when volume is high or having too little work to justify a records retrieval team.

Skilled APS Staff

Timely Delivery

Quality of Service

Attention to Detail

We understand the importance of underwriting strong policies in a timely manner for law firms and the life insurance industry. That's why we offer quick turnarounds on all of our records retrieval processes.

Our Retrieval Service Work

Our employees are highly trained. From communicating with hospital medical records custodians to clinics and Physician’s offices, we train them to handle your case professionally and effectively.

Faster Turnaround

Our teams organize and index your records during the night hours (US time) so you can wow your clients with quick turnaround times. Our indexing also helps your own employees stay efficient and on top of their work. That is a double win!

Cost Cutting

To put it plainly, our employees are less expensive than yours. We help you cut costs by taking care of records retrieval line items like order entry/updates in any given order tracking database. We also help with the creation of of authorizations, requesting data posting of records and other back office tasks along these lines.

Save More

Since our operations are based out of India, our clients save more than 60% on their operational costs compared to their in-house operations. The extra savings can be diverted to things that really matter like acquiring more clients and standing up to your competition.

Our clients never have to worry about not having enough work to justify a records retrieval team either. Whatever your volume - now or later- we can customize a plan to suit your needs.

Our Team Process

Our records retrieval teams have a tried-and-tested process to follow when it comes to handling your records retrieval needs.

Customer Service

Our customer service agents handle incoming calls and emails from insurance companies and law firm representatives. We also attend medical provider calls in regards to APS requests.

Order Entry

Our order entry teams validate the data by verifying web request, fax request or e-request forms with the database. We also verify HIPAA authorisations by matching the patient’s name and details.

Initial Contact

Our initial contact team will verify all the necessary details with the doctor, facility or custodian of Records. Information like doctor name, facility name, details of custodian of records, copy service name, requirement for HIPAA / special facility is chased down and documented by our agents.

Follow Up Retrieval

Our specialized record retrieval agents can take care of tasks like confirming receipt of request, prepayment, confirming requirements for additional documentation, and even payments if necessary. Our agents are good at building rapport with records custodians quickly so that your records can be retrieved in a timely manner.

Quality Assurance

Once the follow-up is underway, our staff is also trained to carry our QA tasks like checking the image quality of the records, deleting black and out of range pages as well as confirming essential details like patient name, DOB and SSN with request and records received.

Apart from the record retrieval activities mentioned above, we would also love to discuss your unique needs and craft a specific solution around those requirements. Reach out to us if you want to know more about our customized record retrieval options.

Looking for customized operational solutions? Let's get on a call.