Teachers Recruitment

We provide staffing solutions for supply & full-time teacher sourcing, reactivation and compliance management.

We are well-equipped to support you with the following processes.

Primary & Secondary Teachers

Cover Supervisors

Teaching Assistants

Early Childhood Educators

We contact all newly registered candidates as well as those already placed on a regular basis. This is done to complete & maintain their compliance requirements. This makes the candidate placement process much smoother.


  • Source candidates using industry best practices using portals like LinkedIn, Facebook & Reed
  • Concentrate on geographical areas and specialty depending on business requirements
  • Source, engage & register candidates only after explicit interest in working together
  • Obtain licenses, CVs, clearances & other other documents before placement
  • Grow candidate database by actively & ethically turning maximum candidates into registrations
  • Stay abreast of latest sourcing technology and practices to give you a competitive edge


  • Contact and reactivate your pool of existing candidates
  • Approach inactive candidates at various times via phone, email, text or social platforms
  • Find out current work status of candidates identified for reactivation
  • Convert these candidates so that they available and eager to work with your agency
  • Ensure a strong candidate pipeline by maintaining active candidate profiles


Compliances are a necessary part of staff hiring procedures. However, they can be frustrating, even a little scary if you do not know what to do.

All candidates placed through us go through rigorous compliance checks. We also follow up with active candidates on a regular basis to ensure that any expiring lisences are renewed on time and compliances are maintained throughout.

By working together in ensuring that proper compliance are met, we can safely grow together as collaborative partners.

A peek inside our reactivation process:

Our back end team specializes in making candidates compliant and ready to be placed.

We contact your candidates to ensure that all the necessary documentation, complains and paperwork are completed before they are hired and on-boarded.

Listed below are some of the services we offer:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • References Applied And Chased
  • ID Proof
  • Date Of Birth Proof
  • Qualifications
  • Right To Work
  • DBS Application And Proof
  • Disqualification Declaration Form
  • Registration Form
  • Arranging Face To Face Interviews
  • Medical Fitness To Teach

Apart from the services mentioned above, we would be happy to talk about providing specific teachers recruitment solutions based on your unique requirements.

Looking for customized operational solutions? Let's get on a call.