Video Surveillance

Our experienced agents handle everything from video surveillance to alarm monitoring.

The need for video security & monitoring is growing. Top security firms are delegating remote monitoring tasks to beat the competition & improve margins.

CCTV Cameras Checked
Video Footage Hours Analyzed
Alarms Handled/month
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Technomine is well-equipped to provide everything from video retrievals to video analytics, CCTV Monitoring, live video monitoring as well as security, intruder, fire & burglar alarm monitoring.

Video Retrieval

Our video retrieval team can identify specific instances like theft, accidents, damage to goods or property. Our sites include auto dealerships to salvage yards and everything in-between.

Best Practices

Agents comb through hundreds of hours of video to identify specific incidents. Upon finding these instances, they retrieve the recording from the software and create hyperlinks for the video recordings, which are then sent to the clients for viewing and verification.

Cost Effective Efficiency

Cost-cutting is a result of quick turnaround times, a leaner front-end and cheaper labour on our side. Work continues even after your office closes for the day. On the other hand, labour is cheaper on our side, so you get more hands on deck and save money. You get higher efficiency at a low cost.

Save More

Since our operations are based out of India, our clients save more than 60% on their operational costs compared to their in-house operations. The extra savings can be diverted to things that really matter like acquiring more clients and standing up to your competition.

Our clients don’t have to worry about optimal staffing to investigate an unpredictable number of incident reports. Even during the off hours or high-volume periods, our video retrieval teams will take care of your needs quickly.

Video Surveillance

Our teams also assist clients with video monitoring services. We take care of remote video monitoring as well as live video monitoring using latest industry software and reporting practices.

Careful Monitoring

We carefully comb through every single camera on every active client site, looking for instances where there is a total intermittent video loss. If an instance is found, the agents update the relevant software or spreadsheet tracker, with the relevant site name, camera number and the issue for your records.

Client Site Customization

We also monitor situations on every client site, where the storage has less than 30 days of retrievable recordings. If a camera or a site has less than 30 day recording, agents update the software or the relevant spreadsheet tracker. Strong documentation means that as a client, you have easy access to all the relevant data from your surveillance systems.


Our experienced agents identify instances such as documented technical support requirements, lost video or site down and raise a tech support ticket accordingly. We use Salesforce, TaskRay and similar industry software to create tech support tickets, for Level-1 tech support engineers to address.

Technical Support

We pride ourselves on our highly experienced Level-1 tech support engineers. They help with resolution of technical issues like the ones outlined above. These agents retrieve tech support tickets from sales force, identify the issue, and work on resolving the issue. If the issue is not solvable remotely, they escalate the issue by raising a Level-2 tech support ticket, or contacting the field team for a site visit.

You never have to worry about over-burdening your existing on-ground team when you work with us. Our back end takes care of the daily tickets and mundane monitoring activities so your team can stay efficient and focus on more urgent issues.

Alarm Clearance

  • Highly trained and experienced agents who can
    clear pending alarms from the queue.
  • Our agents deal non-relevant nuisance alarms
    triggered by faulty sensors or false alarms.
  • Greater efficiency because your site can deal
    with urgent alarms instead

Help desk & Support

  • Efficient and quality support from our remote
    support help desk team
  • Swift & appropriate technical support via
    phone call or online chat support
  • Private help-desk & administration available
    upon demand
  • Prompt assistance for your video surveillance
    and alarm monitoring queries

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