A growing number of businesses are adopting lean practices to survive in a competitive economy.

Savvy businesses are outsourcing core functions to focus on growth & scalability. Technomine offers complete back-end support to these innovators.

Video Surveillance

We offer video monitoring, video retrieval, alarm monitoring, live video monitoring as well as technical support to the global video surveillance & security community.


We help clients with credit control, trial balances & bank reconciliation. Our bookkeeping also extends to payroll & tax processing to help you avoid late penalties.


We have been in the recruitment business for over a decade so we can proudly say we use the best practices to ensure faster, smoother & long-lasting hiring solutions.

Records Retrieval

Whether you have a law firm, medical institution or insurance company; our staff is specially trained to offer process-driven outsourcing solutions for your record retrieval needs.


We provide solutions for a wide range of healthcare recruitment needs from locums and permanent placements to sourcing and placing health and allied professionals.

Web & IT

We supervise your offshore team to maintain quality and productivity. From time-bound projects to hire-train-grow models, we offer customised IT enabled solutions for your IT staffing needs.

Research & Development

Engineering Services Across a Variety of Technologies and Industries.

The above services make up the core of our outsourcing functionality. If you have other specific requirements, we would love to engineer custom solutions for your unique problem.

Why our operational model works

Not every outsourcing relationship is a success. We ensure success by building positive, long-term relationships with our clients. We provide the following concrete benefits.

Cost Effective

You want to direct available resources towards growth, not busy-making. We help you meet operational needs & improve your bottom line - at a cheaper rate than your local providers.

Improved Staffing

We source, interview, test & hire specialist staff in your behalf. You save on hiring expensive in-house talent - with no compromise on quality whatsoever.

Higher Efficiency

A lean set-up doesn't just save you money - your operations also become more efficient. You then get to focus more on expansion and business development instead of menial tasks.

Skilled Resources

Skilled but affordable talent is difficult to come by. We give you access a massive pool of highly qualified people for a fraction of your current cost - in every market niche you want to conquer.

Business Agility

Cost efficiency. Lean operations. Bigger profits. These factors give you unparalleled agility to make quick, strategic, accurate decisions - and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Time Zone Benefit

The great thing about delegating work to us is that we work in a different time-zone. So work gets done even after your last employee punches out - giving you a head start for the next day.

Benefits for technomine clients

Competitive Rates

Professional Practices

Robust Infrastructure

Customised Solutions

International Certification

Decade of Experience

What our clients say

We are proud to say that after a decade of partnership with some of the most well known recruitment firms, we have a trail of happy customers that we love working with. Check out what our clients have to say about our work!

I was approached by several RPOs when I first set up JGB Partners. They all offered us a free trial period of a day. In that time Mital and Altaf at Technomine provided us with 20 candidates. Out of those 20, 8 converted to first interviews. They are on hand to answer my every query and help me every step of the way. They are excellent value for money and nothing is ever too much trouble. I would recommend them to any recruitment firm. Superb. They even format CVs for me to an excellent standard. I have recommended them to several of my contemporaries."

JIM GERVAISE - BRAZIER -Managing Director

Our Certifications

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