Making the records retrieval process more efficient!

Did you know that a poorly managed records retrieval process can hinder the productivity of your day-to-day business operations?

Most firms don’t even realize that they need to streamline their records retrieval system. In fact, records retrieval companies lose thousands of dollars every year because of outdated and cumbersome records retrieval systems.

A remote records retrieval team can help you save money and organize your records retrieval process for improved outcomes.

On an average, companies are expected to retrieve approximately 7-9 records per claim file. This number is increasing rapidly! Quantitative studies have indicated that individual claim adjusters could be spending more time than required on trivial tasks – approximately 190 hours per year!

Even if you tighten up time frames by streamlining your process, your clients’ claims adjusters will need to prioritize between adjustment of claims and retrieval of records. The latter function is a core records retrieval service that Technomine offers to records retrieval companies so that they may serve their clients better. Keep reading if you are interested in learning about the benefits of switching to remote records retrieval services:

Get things done faster

If you do it right the first time, you are left with fewer queries for retrieval. Since remote teams enable you to retrieve records faster, you can then spend the extra time paying attention to your clients’ needs and providing a fantastic working experience. You get to focus on your own overall growth by utilizing your in-house teams to onboard and serve more clients.

Faster records retrieval, shorter claim cycles

If your records retrieval is expedited, claims will get processed faster as well. Remote teams work in a dedicated fashion to help you shorten claim cycles and enable effective decision-making for your clients.

Better talent management

Of course, your claim adjusters are better suited for assessment and investigation of claims rather than records retrieval. By hiring a remote team that specializes in records retrieval, you are ensuring that your talent is better managed. A remote team has all the talent that you require for seamless records retrieval process. They can offer swift retrievals which will magnify your efficiency.

Smoother records retrieval

If you have decided to outsource your records management, sit back and relax! Your remote team is experienced in carrying out the relevant records retrieval tasks. Remote teams have specialists that excel in organizing the flow of your records retrieval process so everything runs smoothly. All you have to do is supervise and pay attention to reporting!

‘Wow’ your clients!

Look, I’m not saying that your client is going to be your best friend. However, retrieving records in a timely and professional fashion means that your customer goes home raving about your services. The best advocates for your services are happy customers!

Managing multiple records retrieval processes for your clients can be a challenging task. A remote records retrieval team can help you offload some of this burden so you can focus on developing client relationships instead. For more information on outsourcing solutions for records management and other back-office support, check out this page

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