Benefits of Gatehouse Monitoring

Video surveillance and alarm monitoring have become pervasive in both residential, as well as commercial properties. Gatehouse monitoring is especially relevant for large commercial properties that need access control.

In fact, organizations worldwide have spent approximately $75.2 billion on infrastructure protection and security services in 2018 alone. Gatehouse monitoring has become indispensable today, especially in commercial properties where access needs to be controlled.

Gatehouse monitoring basically refers to a security system that can be used to monitor the entry and exit of people. Often, the system also logs the timing of such entries and exits. Such remote access control enables security officials to open, close and lock the gates as needed in order to maintain the safety of workers and the property itself. In fact, this can be done remotely without having security staff present in-house – saving both man-hours and money!

As remote security services providers, we serve other security companies across the UK, Europe, US and Canada. We spoke to the clients we serve and this is what they have observed about remote security support:

Reduces visitor waiting time

With gated monitoring, there is an assurance that your clients’ visitors don’t have to wait longer to be let in. Remote response times are surprisingly quick and the remote teams have dedicated security personnel to enable authorised access 24/7.

Helps monitor who visits and when

At any given time, a remote team member is always aware of who visited your clients’ premises and when. Your remote team keeps track of date and timings for every visit in real-time. With the help of video surveillance, your remote team can also determine the license plate of visitors and retrieve footage for identification in case of any unwanted incidents.

Cuts cost by nearly 40%

When the client hires a guard for gatekeeping and access control, they end up paying a hefty salary, along with other infrastructure costs. Not to mention, if you require the guard to work night shifts, you may end up paying a premium for out-of-hours coverage. Gatehouse monitoring can literally help you slash those costs.

Provides safer restricted access

With remote security services, security firms get the added advantage of being able to monitor restricted access to certain premises. Remote gatehouse monitoring teams are thoroughly trained to handle multi-tiered access and precisely identify the person using biometrics before granting access to limited areas.

Enables multiple entries at once

In-house guards may only be capable of noting down entries one at a time. Remote security staff can handle multiple entries at a time and even give precise records of who visits client premises at what time. Remote access control teams have thwarted potential criminal incidents by monitoring gates so they are no longer an easy point of entry.

Technomine has a full-fledged remote security services team that can handle every remote security function you can throw at us. We provide rigorous training to all remote staff so they can offer end-to-end video security solutions at affordable prices. You can learn more about our security service offerings including video surveillance, alarm monitoring, gatehouse access and analytics here:

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