Harnessing the power of remote security services in a growing industry

Electronic security is rapidly becoming a necessity rather than an add-on service. Security services companies across North America and Europe are growing rapidly. In fact, our team went out and did some research on rising trends in the security industry. Here is an infographic that we made based on our research.

Remote video surveillance infographic

So, clearly the demand for security services is on the rise.

In order to keep up with this growing demand, security services companies often rely on remote electronic security providers. As a remote electronic security provider, Technomine also provides vital operations such as 24/7 surveillance and out-of-hours services.

In our experience, electronic security companies benefit the most when their remote support teams are highly engaged. Such teams are often involved in performing advanced surveillance and alarm monitoring tasks in collaboration with on-ground employees.

Video surveillance and alarm monitoring service providers should have the following qualities that can facilitate stable electronic security for your clients:

Active interactions

Understanding your complex business needs may take time. Establishing effective communication between you and your provider ensures that there are no misunderstandings about what you expect from them and vice versa. Frequent communication ensures that everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal. This helps your remote support provider meet your needs effectively for a sustained working relationship.

Custom solutions

An effective remote security services provider can understand, analyze and augment your electronic security system operations. A great remote team will learn to anticipate your company requirements and design custom solutions according to your specific needs. In the security services industry, your provider should be able to integrate your operations with multiple security systems to help you carry out multiple functions from video surveillance to fire, burglary and intruder alarm monitoring.

Extensive support

Electronic security service is a 24/7 endeavour. Regular checks ensure that things are in control and you can be certain that there will be no errors in the future. If your outsourcing partner offers ongoing maintenance, you may not have to worry about updating technology for smoother surveillance every time there is an innovation on the market. Depending on your arrangement with your remote provider, they may just be able to implement the entire up-gradation exercise on your behalf.

Ongoing reporting and remote team support can minimize errors, prevent losses and ensure your clients’ safety. Looking for more information on remote electronic security support solutions? We run a blog full of ideas on how you can make the most out of your remote services provider. See you there!

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