Does your teachers recruitment candidate have these skills?

Teachers are like the backbone of any school system. Any company that deals with teachers recruitment must be aware of the proper compliances required when employing a skilled teacher. Educational institutions garner a lot of trust – and for good reason. Although the global demand for teachers is on the rise, educational recruitment companies have to meet very high standards of compliance. Consequently, schools may find it challenging to find skilled teachers and help them meet the right compliance’s.

Since teachers work very closely with vulnerable and underage populations where there may be an imbalance of power, picking teaching candidates becomes a task fraught with a lot of responsibility. We have been providing staffing solutions for supply & full-time teacher sourcing, reactivation and compliance management for the last five years. Over the last few years, we have consistently found that candidates with the following qualities tend to do well in teaching placements:


The first thing we look for when hiring new teaching staff on behalf of our clients is endurance and longevity. No client will ever tell you that they are looking for hire-and-fire solutions. A great long-term placement starts with proper screening for candidate longevity.

Look, a good teacher needs a lot of endurance in order to stay calm and handle the situations that crop up on a daily basis in the classroom. A potential candidate should be able to manage student behaviour and encourage them to learn in spite of setbacks. Many institutions are turning to a child-centered methodology that helps children overcome emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBD) and thrive in the classroom.

A teacher needs to be open to new ideas for teaching-learning. S/he must be an advocate as well as a facilitator in order to make the learning process easier for students.

Effective communication

Communication is a key element of success in the teachers recruitment industry. Teachers are the primary point of communication during any learning process. Establishing effective communication practices at the beginning of the teaching-learning relationship will have a positive impact on learning outcomes in the long run.

Teachers must have the ability to disseminate complex information by breaking down the content into an engaging, age-appropriate and easy-to-digest manner. Superior communication is a necessity when it comes to hiring candidates for teaching positions. If you are working with a remote recruitment agency, check to see if they take measures to ensure that candidates are screened for communication skills.


As recruiters, we need to look for passion and drive when hiring an educator. If a candidate is just teaching for the paycheque, they may end up burning out and never reaching their full-potential. This isn’t just mumbo jumbo. A fully engaged teacher will find new ways to transfer information and enrich the teaching-learning process.

Over time, if a lot of educators in your clients’ institution start burning out, the quality of education takes a nose-dive. Most organizations rely on recruitment agencies to ensure that candidates supplied are engaged, competent and a great fit for their organization. At Technomine, we support recruitment agencies by supplying candidates that meet the above criteria.


Flexibility is an often overlooked trait during the teachers recruitment and screening process. We often work for recruitment companies that need to hire candidates for teaching positions on short notice. During the screening process, recruiting agents can benefit from assessing a potential candidate’s flexibility, especially as it relates to being able to adapt to technological changes in the workplace.

As technology evolves, the teaching industry is moving towards digitized education including online classrooms, video lectures, multimedia projects. In order to keep up in a competitive market, the teachers you supply to your clients will need the flexibility to adapt to digital transformations within the institutions where they work. This will allow them to seamlessly implement new teaching methods – so your clients’ institution can continue to offer quality education.

Acceptance of feedback

Like any other position, recruiters hiring teaching staff may want to pay particular attention to assess how the candidate takes constructive feedback. During the screening process, our remote recruiters use best-practice guidelines and scenario-based evaluations to ensure that the candidates we present to our recruitment agency clients rank high on teamwork skills such as acceptance of constructive feedback.

Obviously, a teacher needs to be open to constructive feedback. Whether you are teaching kids or adults, the inability to take feedback will negatively impact their performance. Constructive, supportive feedback and well-defined learning goals will allow teachers to stay longer at your clients’ educational institutions.

Running a teachers recruitment agency is exceptionally challenging in today’s digitized climate. While digitization is giving recruiters access to a ton of teachers across the globe, most of these educators lack the basic compliances to successfully navigate a full-time or even part-time teaching position in any location. Remote teachers recruitment agencies are a practical solution to help save valuable time during the hiring process and ensure that teachers hired meet both the qualitative and quantitative compliances required to succeed in their new jobs. If you are a recruitment agency interested in more information on our teacher employment procedures, you can visit our teachers recruitment page.

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