How to set goals for your remote teams

Remote workers and work-from-home arrangements are on the rise across various industries. A lot of businesses are recognizing the value of remote teams. Such teams offer the flexibility and efficiency of an in-house team at a fraction of the cost.

Instead of hiring full-time in-house employees, businesses are choosing to stay agile by hiring specialist remote teams. Despite the fact that many business owners and managers worry about the productivity of remote teams, remote teams can be a productive resource to propel your business growth.

Create a schedule of deliverables

Systematic tracking of  employee time doesn’t always have to involve hovering over them all the time. A much more effective approach is to have periodic deliverables. Having a specific schedule helps your remote team stay on track and allows you an opportunity to provide specific feedback.   

Creating a weekly or monthly schedule of tasks makes it simpler for remote teams to carry out their work with proper clarity of the expectations.

Connect with your remote workers

Productivity doesn’t just come from setting deadlines and achieving the goals. Sometimes,  nurturing a connection with your remote employees can help motivate them to work harder for you. Making them feel like a part of your company can help you reap the benefits of having an engaged workforce that is willing to go that extra mile for you.

Provide recognition

Appreciation always encourages employees to perform better. Just like you would with your in-house employees, the remote workers bloom with recognition too. Reaching out and recognizing a job well-done is imperative if you want your remote employees to take ownership of the tasks assigned to them and drive them forward with minimal supervision.

Encourage breaks

Does this sound counterproductive?  Think again!

Employees are humans beings with finite energy. In order to help them maximize and channel their energy towards helping you achieve your business goals, they also need to take periodic breaks to recharge their batteries.  

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